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Peter Rutkowski’s artistic interests began to develop in early childhood. Growing up on his parents’ farm in Poland and encouraged by his mother, a local artist, he naturally developed his love for drawing and painting whatever inspired him in his immediate surroundings. These early artistic experiences have strongly influenced his passion for nature-inspired paintings.


Peter’s fascination with old masters and contemporary realism movement of post abstract era inspire the traditional realism style of his paintings.


For any collector of Peter’s work, his paintings are simply to adore a living space. For Peter, however, perfecting the creative process through balancing the elements of painting is the main motivation for his artistic work. “It is not the depicted subject of a painting, but the way it is painted, that fascinates me the most” - he states.  


Peter's paintings can be found in many private collections locally and nationwide. His work has been rewarded and exhibited at the Salmagundi Art Club Gallery in New York City. He was featured as a guest artist at the Arts at Denver Gallery in Denver, Colorado.  He continues to work as a freelance artist out of his home studio in Hartsdale, New York. 


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